Friday, May 9, 2014


The other day in the car Max started asking me questions about last names.  This is how the conversation went down.

Max:  What is Devon's last name?
Me:    Williams
Max:  What is Aaron's last name?
Me:   Williams
Max: They are the same?
Me:   Yes, they are the same like you, Bo & Sam.  You are all Maddens.  I am a Madden and Daddy is a Madden.  Families have the same last name.  But I was an Ohlendorf before I married Daddy.  The girl usually takes the boy's name when they get married.  I became a Madden because Daddy shared his name with me.  Just like Nana was a Pritchard before she was an Ohlendorf,  Mrs. Becky was a Vinton before she got married.  Do you know what Grandma was before she got married?
Max:  An Old Maid.