Friday, January 28, 2011

Texas Trip 3 - Picnics & Dirt

Nana & Opa have a huge pile of dirt in their front yard which Nana believes is full of arrowheads so when she would go out digging, so would the kids.
Max's hair was so curly from all the humidity


7 kids are hard (and messy) to feed in one kitchen so we did a lot of eating outside. It was fabulous.
Super cute picture of Charlee

Texas Trip 2 - River Fun

We tried to spend as much time as possible down at the River throwing rocks and sticks but despite not being really warm enough to be IN the water, we couldn't keep the kids out of it.

Bo & Sam looking for minnows with Wes
Bo with his "big fish"
Two fish - monkey see monkey do
Opa with Claire & Sam
Snack time for Kate & Owen
Sam & Kate
Kate & Bo - best buds
Kids trying to convince Wes to go off the swing
Max & Nana
Log boat races
Bo's even had a sail and according to him, it ALWAYS won

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Texas Trip 1 - Bikes & Sand

This was our "on" year for spending Christmas in Texas with my family and we were all looking forward to getting out of the cold for a bit. But the weather was so nice there and so cold here in Fairbanks, that our 2 week trip turned into 4. Wes came back as originally scheduled on the 29th but the boys and I stayed until the 13th. Needless to say, we took a TON of pictures so I am going to split them up into categories beginning with "Bikes & Sand".

With all 7 grandkids in one house (all under the age of 4.5) we spent a lot of time outside playing. The boys pretty much lived in the sand box or on their bikes. Sam even graduated from a tricycle to a big boy bike with training wheels while we were there.

Claire, Max & Sam

Bo was Mr trixter on the trapeeze