Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baseball Camp

We signed Bo & Sam up for a week long baseball camp this summer so we needed to get them some gear.  They each needed a glove and some balls to practice at home with.  It was a very long shopping process but we got what we needed and everyone was happy.  
Max was in to everything on the shelves. 

We came home with 2 gloves, 2 bats, a bunch of practice balls, a helmet that Sam just had to have, and a practice net.  The boys got after it right away and had a blast.

And then the first day of camp came and all the fun was replaced with tears, tantrums and screams of "I don't want to go!"   Bo was a wreck and beyond difficult.  He would not get dressed.  He would not put on his shoes.  He definitely would not get in the car.  And he was by no means going to camp. 
By the time we reached the ball fields, he reached pure panic attack and was uncontrollable.  The crying and fighting was embarrassing and painful.  It's hard being the mom at drop off who is being kicked repeatedly in the shins by her son while getting screamed at, but I know it is even harder on him.  His anxiety level is all encompassing and it transforms him into a raging maniac.  I know he does not want to be this way nor does he like to be this way but he is not in control.  His anxiety is.  His fear of the unknown is.  His anger towards the situation is.  He is not and I have to keep reminding myself of that over and over and over.  But it is not easy.  So so not easy.    Not to mention the toll it takes on Sam & Max.  Sam started crying and whining too.  He crawled back into the car with Bo and locked the doors.  Obviously if Bo thought camp was a bad idea, then Sam most definitely did too.  It's like the plague.  So not only did I have to figure out how the hell to calm Bo down but also how to convince Sam to play in the midst of so much screaming that neither of them could even hear me talk, much less unlock and open the car doors. 
My face was hot and tears were wallowing up.  I did not know what to do.  Part of me, a large part of me, was done and wanted to say "fuck it" and throw in the towel, but I knew deep down that that was not the answer.  I could not let the anxiety win.  Bo needed to win.  Giving up was not an option.  If he is never pushed outside his comfort zone, he will never learn the tools to grow out of this.
So a gazillion deep breaths later I somehow managed to get the doors unlocked, Sam out on the field with the rookies and Bo to sit in the dugout with me to watch his group.  While the kids warmed up and started some drills, Bo slowly became more relaxed.  His posture changed and he began to talk to me on the bench.  About 30 minutes later the kids came into the dugout where we were sitting for a water break.  They were laughing and telling jokes.  Bo's posture relaxed some more.  The kids were normal and this wasn't quite as scary as he first thought.  I told Bo I needed to go to the bathroom but would be right back.  I knew if I left him alone, he would cling onto the group instead of to me.  When I returned, he was out on the field.
That morning truly took every last ounce of energy and parenting patience I had.  I came so close to loosing it more than once, but I didn't and I am proud of myself.  It was hard for us all and we all prevailed. 

Bo - third from the left
Sam with Coach Kayla
Bo batting

Sam batting

The good news is, each afternoon at pick-up, both of them would talk about how much fun they had and how next year they wanted to go the full day instead of only half day.  Unfortunately though, the intense crying fits repeated the following morning and every other morning that week.  Each day got slightly better but each day still required digging deep and pressing on.  So we dug deep, pressed on and made the most of it. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spongebob Square Pants Party

Sam really wanted a spongebob party with a plankton pinata' so that's what he got. I did not have the time or energy to make the pinata from scratch so I bought a premade one and remodeled it. 


It was a beautiful day so we had the party in our backyard.  We had pizza, strawberries, and a super cool spongebob cake with the crusty crab on it. 

Wes hung the pinata from the playscape and let the kids have their way with it.

Unfortunately my "remodel" was cuter than it was strong.  It completely busted the first time Sam hit it.  I was disapointed but Sam loved that he "won" and had a great time all night.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam!

To start off Sam's birthday morning we had a special breakfast.

 When the Donut Shoppe found out it was his birthday, they gave him an entire box of donut holes for free.  He was a little excited.  Me, not so much. 

Later that day we let him open gifts from the family.  He got a scooter from us.

Headphones from Opa & Nana

and a swimming pool from Grandma & Grandpa
And this is how I found him that night when I went to kiss him goodnight.

I still can't believe he's 5 but he's definitely a fun 5. 

Sam at 5

-Sam is such a sweetheart.  He tries to be a bad guy but it's purely acting.  He is a true teddy bear.
-He is very social, loves to make new friends everywhere we go.
-Still sleeps with Bunny and Other Bunny, aka boy bunny and girl bunny.  Bunny (Boy bunny is his favorite)
-He has always marched to his own drum and this year has been no different.
-Says he is "allergic" to orange juice
-Loves apple juice, lemonade and making soda suicides
- Eats mayonnaise sandwiches
-Gives awesome Sammy Squeezes (big, tight bear hugs)
-Is a drama king.  Cries/whales at ear piercing levels when his brothers pick on him, make him mad or take one of his toys.
-Has no desire to buckle himself in the car. 
-Absolutely LOVES music and goes most places with his headphones on.  He loves to "jam"
-Likes to have his back scratched or the ABC's written on his back to fall asleep
-Still shares a room with Bo
-Likes to help me bake cookies, brownies, and muffins
-Freaks out if we don't have the butter he likes (Brummel & Brown)
-Has eaten more chicken nuggets than any one person ever should (dipped in ranch)
-Dips most everything in ranch dressing, especially chicken nuggets and broccoli
-Is our pigpen.  He's that kid that always has a mess around him, drags his arm through his dinner, and has a disastrous mess on his side of the car.
-Always concerned about other people.  "Mommy, I think you need to drive now.  Daddy has been driving a long time.  He's probably tired."
-Loves to help Daddy with all manly chores (wood splitting, dirt spreading, raking, etc)
-Can ride a 2 wheel bike and climbs right back on after each bloody knee scrape
-Band-Aids make all ouwies feel better
-Is easily distracted but can tune me out in a heart beat
-Always wants everything Bo has
-Makes the funniest faces during pictures.  He clinches his teeth and looks off to the side. 
-Loves fried chicken
-He's our class clown.  Likes to make people laugh and he deals with uncomfortable situations with comedy.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Opa always talks about how I used to beat him in Memory when I was little.  I now know how he felt.  It's not a good feeling.  Bo whipped my butt over and over today.  I don't know if I was more frustrated that I lost or that he could remember things better than me.  I called Opa right afterwards to tell him and all he could do was laugh. 

Sam on 2 Wheels

Look who joined the 2 wheeler club!! 

And he rides it like a pro.  Way to go Sam!  I'm proud of you. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Max's Itchies

Max's feet have been out of control lately.  I feel horrible for him.  They are so itchy.  He scratches them like crazy in the middle of the night to the point of bleeding some times.  I took him back to the doctor today.  He is now on a strict dose of Zyrtec and cortisone cream.  We still don't know exactly what all he's allergic to but do know that Birch is a big culprit.  I just hope the meds will give him so relief soon.  Poor guy.