Monday, July 8, 2013


We were invited out for a weekend on the Snoopy again this year with our friends, Buzz & Rene Otis.  The weather was not great, or the fishing for that matter, but we still had a good time and came home with a cooler full of shrimp.  Here's a wrap up of our trip in pictures:
We stopped at a couple of waterfalls just north of Valdez on our drive down.  The boys were in crazy moods and could not take a "normal" picture. 

On our way our of port

 Sam at the helm with Mr. Buzz
Wes & the boys on the skiff, Woodstock, coming back from shore 

Sam & Max loved playing with the herring (bait)
and making their eyes pop out of their head.

Me, Sam & Max on Woodstock in Jack's Bay
Wes & Buzz rigging up the shrimp pots

Crabs came up in the shrimp pots

 and a sea star

Out on the Woodstock looking for Salmon

Time to clean all the shrimp. They were huge! 

Back at the docks.  What a great trip but so thankful to be off the boat and on dry ground.