Sunday, February 22, 2015

Awesome Warm Day

We took advantage of the warm weather today.  It was in the mid to upper 30s which made a perfect day for sledding and snowmen.  Usually we can't make snowmen because the snow is too dry but thanks to the crazy rain we had last night, yes, rain, the snow was heavy and wet.  The kids ( and Wes) had a blast.  I had a blast listening to all the giggles and squeals and watching them just run crazy like boys should do.  Max did take a sled to the mouth and ended up with 2 fat bloody lips, but he bounced back quickly.  You can't keep that kid down.  He's 5 and already pulling his brothers on a snow machine.  Craziness.  

 Sam & Max

 Max & Bo

 Love this pic of Max

 Max pulling Bo

 Bo pulling Max
 Bo pulling Max & Sam