Friday, April 29, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It is officially Break-Up in Fairbanks. The snow is finally melting and the icy puddles are changing to mud. We couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All About Sam

Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. There's just something special about Sam. I'm not sure if it's the age or just Sam being Sam, but he is so damn cute. All I want to do is gobble him up in my arms and squeeze him. He makes me laugh. Oh he makes me laugh . . .sometimes just by looking at him, sometimes by the off the wall things that spurt out of his mouth, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Don't get me wrong, he's still two and destructive and physically rough and mean to Maxy but all that is overshadowed by his pure and genuine Sammyness.

From him prancing around the house in my high heals, to him always wanting to be nakey, he definitely marches to his own drum. It is this individualism that I so admire and hope he never loses.

And here is my attempt to write it all down to capture his cuteness forever.


driving in to town after many dark days in January Sam: The sun is awake.

my favorite: Sam: [burp] I just tooted in my mouth!

While in line with me at a local sandwich shop a group of ladies walked in. Sam turned his head, put up his claws, lunged toward them and growled like a very loud dinosaur. And that was it.(but in true Sam form, it made them all giggle)

Sam:[burp] You excuse me!

While I am wearing a pinkish coat and yellow pony tail holder in the car Sam:Why you have yellow in your hair? You need pink or purple.

And today, while changing his diaper after eating a ton of peanuts (also remember, the boys call their penises, "peanuts") Me:Wow, you pooped out peanuts. Sam:No, I pooped out my butt!

SAMMY DOES . . . Here are some more things about Sam that I also want to remember:

- Absolutely loves "Tom & Jerry"

- Is Mr. Social. Not afraid of people at all. Might even follow a complete stranger around the store just because.

- Is salty not sweet. Prefers popcorn or chips over ice cream. Sausage over pancakes.

- Loves to do the Nakey Dance.

- Loves to smack his peanuts while doing the above mentioned Nakey Dance.

- Is a total Daddy's Boy. Always wants to be where Daddy is and to help with every man project possible (split wood, mow the yard, shovel snow)

- Is a goer. Never wants to be left at home.

- Can drive a snowmachine by himself and not crash (usually). All the throttle all the time.

- Is a music lover and has great moves.

- Sleeps with "bunny" and "other bunny." - Can eat half a cheese pizza (dipped in ranch)

- Loves crackers and cream cheese but hates cheese

- His favorite sandwich is bread with mustard and mayonnaise and that's it

- Prefers apple juice over orange juice - Has eaten more chicken nuggets at age 2.5 than anybody should in their entire lifetime

- Likes to wear my shoes

- Can not catch a ball or throw one very well for that matter either.

- Can dish it out but not take it. Loves to hit and kick Bo, wrestle Max and sit on his head, but cries every time they do it to him.

- Does not have a temper.

- Couldn't care less about potty training.

- Runs up and tackles Wes every time he comes home from work screaming "Daddy!!"

- Absolutely hates to get his hair cut.

- Riding in Daddy's truck makes him happier than anything else and more devastated than anything else when he can't.

- Can count to 10 (kind of) and can sing most of the ABC's.

- Is fascinated with guns and weapons but also loves playdoh and Lego's.

- Not a fort guy.

- Will not eat an egg of any kind. Or rice or yogurt.

- Can play in the shower for an hour and still not want to get out.

- Likes gum.

- Loves to tell stories. Known as "Motor Man" by some.

- Says "Oh My Cow!" instead of "oh my goodness" or "holy cow"