Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Parental Failure - Sorry Bo

There are times when being a mom feels great and times when all you want to do is crawl away and hide.  Today I can't seem to find a rock big enough.  Guilt, disappointment, embarrassment, shame.  It's heavy.  And yet I'm not the one with the problem, he is.  He's the one who, thanks to my super awesome compassionate self who didn't make him use fluoride toothpaste because it is "too spicy", has to get two crowns with a possible tooth extraction .  Yay me.  Yay me for being so nice and understanding.  Yay me for letting my boys drink juice instead of only water.  Yay me for contributing and  quite possibly causing the spawn of a horrid dentist phobia that will result in panic stricken sweaty inner torture every six months for the rest of his life.  What have I done to my child?! 

Update:  Bo did really great.   They ended up having to pull one of the rotten teeth and put in a spacer.  Once the numbness wore off, though, he was hurting pretty bad.  I did not make him go back to school but after some Motrin and Tylenol he was begging for ice cream.  Three weeks later we went back for the other side.  It was quicker and slightly less brutal.  He got a filling, a crown and sealants on his 6 year old molars.  He was really sore again but after some pain meds, a little rest and some ice cream, he was able to go back to school.