Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Binkygate '08

It has been several weeks now since the first broken binky was mysteriously found in Bo's bed. It was traumatic. Seeing that bright blue binky, laying there motionless with it's head so perfectly sliced off. Absolutely horrifying. Bo was devastated and confused. He picked it up and stared at it. Inspecting it from every angle, trying desperately to grasp the horror that lay before him. What had happened to his precious binky? Looking down at the others strewn about the bed, the red one, the green one, the other blue ones. What on earth would he do with only 7 of them?

He cupped the binky in his hand oh so gingerly. Eyes full of sadness and perplexity, he gazed down at the headless body and then up at me. "Broken, Mommy. Broken."

Full of guilty pleasure, I responded "Yes, Bo, it is broken."

"The top, Mommy. Broken. What happened?"

"That's what happens when you use something too much. It breaks. Some things need new batteries when they get old, and some things just break. Looks like that just broke. What should we do with it?"

Carefully deliberating his next move, Bo shyly and hesitatingly answered, "trash can, Mommy."

Bo proceeded into the kitchen where he buried his sweet blue-binky in the tall shiny trashcan at the base of the counter. He lifted the lid, and dropped it in, clinging to 3 other healthy binkies he refused to leave behind. Detached, and amazingly unaffected, Bo turned around, popped one of the binkies-in-reserve into his mouth and went about his day.

However, little did he know that this unexpected broken-binky was the first of many to come.

Since that sad day, 2 others have been found with their heads sliced off in random places around our house (1 on the floor of the living room and 1, today, in the silverware drawer). With each new find, the conversation goes about the same as the first, each ending with the burial in the tall shiny trashcan at the base of the counter, and each with another binky being popped into his mouth before ever leaving the kitchen.

What, I ask you, will happen the day he turns around and his hands are empty?

Binky Count, To Date:
Dead - 3
Alive - 5 (that I know of)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sam I Am

I am Sam
Sam I am
That Sam-I-am
That Sam-I-am!

Three and a half months old and such a cutie.

Thank You!
Thank You!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Foot Update

After spending yesterday morning in the ER getting x-rays of Bo's foot, it turns out it's just sprained. Thank goodness!! He is still limping and occasionally drops to his knees to crawl but at least nothing is broken.

I think the nurses were really bored while we were there because Bo got ultra pampered. He got a glove-balloon, a Popsicle and a sticker. He even got pushed around in a wheel-chair, but nothing seemed to cheer him up. He cried and cried and cried to "go home". It wasn't until we stopped and got a chocolate shake on the way home that things started to get better. Imagine that.

So for now, we are back to life as usual. A slower, less jumpy form of usual, but usual none-the-less. Now, if only we can do something about our yard being covered in snow this morning, we would be really doing great. Ugh . . .

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Little X-Gamer

Bo has always been a very physical kid. He started walking at 9 months and has been going ever since. He loves to run, jump, swing as high as you can swing him, ride 4-wheelers, throw footballs and tackle you as soon as you catch them. He is no doubt, athletic, which I think is great but it's his no-fear attitude that scares the living day lights out of me.

Yesterday he spent almost an hour running and jumping off my bed onto a pile of pillows. And I'm talking, full on, leaping, border line long-jumping off the bed. He's nuts.

He also went out in to the garage by himself, put on his helmet (backwards, which cracked me up) and begged to drive the 4-wheeler. I am quite certain he would have driven it around the block if he could have found the keys.

Then today, he found the cross country skis I bought him at a garage sale last weekend and skied around the living room like he had done it for years. I don't get it. It's difficult for me to do and I consider myself pretty coordinated (no laughing Wes). Plus, I don't even think he has ever seen anyone ski before so just the fact that he knew what to do with them blew me away. He's only 2 for goodness sakes.

But like I said before, it's this crazy level of physical prowess that scares me. And tonight, this fear came into fruition.

He was reinacting his bed jumping for Wes tonight (but without the pile of pillows) and on about the third jump, he landed funny and hurt his foot. I could tell right away it wasn't good. He was screaming and couldn't put any weight on it. We iced and elevated it for quite a while but because it was so close to bed time, we decided to put him to bed and assess the damage in the morning. Hopefully he'll bounce out of bed tomorrow and forget anything ever happend.

We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prison Break

We are in the process of having a fence put in and as much as we need one to contain our wandering mutt (thanks Chena for letting yourself in to our neighbor's house and chewing up an autographed baseball by the first ever Mariner's team), I am so not a fan. It is down right ugly and even more, becuase of all the snow we get in the winter, it has to be a 5 foot tall piece of ugly.

But I keep telling myself that it will be great to have a way to not only contain Chena, but Bo & Sam as well. I will be able to let them outside to play and not have to worry about a moose stomping them to death, or a bear dragging them off. There's something to be said for that, right? So on first look, it might appear as if we live in some weird rural correctional facility but really it's just our super cool, metal encompassed back yard.

Any bets on how long it will take Bo to climb it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's About Time

I have finally given in and started a blog. Thanks, girls (you know who you are) for trying to convince me for the past two and a half years to do so. And yes, (please excuse me as I swallow my pride) I will admit I wish I had started one sooner. The idea that I will now have a journal about all of the funny, annoying, and everything-else-in between things that my kids do, makes be so happy. At the same time, I am kicking myself for missing out on all the great stories and cute things Bo has done up to this point. It saddens me to think about possibly forgetting them all. And so, this blog is going to be my way of not only keeping family and friends up to date on the latest Madden happenings, but also my way of ensuring that I will always have a journal, a memory, of all the special moments in my kids' lives. I hope you as a reader, enjoy the stories as much as I know I will writing and reliving them for many many years to come.