Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's been over 2 years since Chena died and we are finally ready for a new dog.  After countless hours of research, we decided on a Doodle.  We have always liked the idea of having Doodle (great temperament, low shedding, nice size) so when our neighbors got a Goldendoodle last Summer that is super cute and has an amazing temperament, we were sold.  We even went through the same breeder as they did.  Abracadoodle out of Spokane, WA.  Such a nice lady and great to work with. 

It was tough, though, to pick out a puppy without getting to see him in person.  We asked for many pics and some video as well as asked a TON of questions.  We really liked the idea of getting an older puppy that had already been through puppy boot camp (mostly potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, and socialized with other pets and kids) which made it a little easier to choose a pup since they are older and already have personalities.  But it was still not easy.  I was so nervous we were going to get a tweaker but in the end we got an absolutely amazing 4 month old puppy with the cutest little kinky tail ever.

The boys leading Roscoe out to his "potty spot".  He was trained on cedar shavings so we were instructed to pick where we want him to go to the bathroom and train him to go there every time. 
 Day 1 and already in love.
 Max always wants to brush him.
 Sam loves to always be with him.  Thankfully Roscoe doesn't mind his personal space being invaded. 

Here are some pics of Roscoe with our neighbor and half brother, Copper.  They both have the same dad, Chili Pepper (a full blooded red poodle).  Copper's mom is a full Golden Retriever and Roscoe's mom, Double Delight, is half Golden, half Lab.  It will be interesting to see how Roscoe turns out since Copper looked almost identical to him when he was little.  Apparently his hair did not get curly until he was about 6 months old. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Bo! Minecraft Style!!

After a week of DIY craft projects and an entire bottle of Elmer's glue, Bo's Minecraft party turned out really great. 
Goody Bags - green baggies with Creeper faces made out of black constrution paper
Creeper balloons - black electrical tape on green helium balloons
The Party:  We started the party with a game of  "Pass The TNT".  (I made the TNT out of a tea box which I wrapped in red construction paper and then taped on the Minecraft TNT logo which I printed off the minecraft papercraft website)  We played the game like Hot Potato where the kids sat in a cirlce and passed the TNT around while music played.  Whoever was holding the TNTwhen the music stopped "blew up" and was out.  The last child left was the winner.  It was a good ice breaker. 
Next we went out into the garage to bust the Ghast pinata which I made out of a cardboard moving box and tons of tissue paper.
The boys wore a large Steve head instead of a blindfold.

We lined all the kids up shortest to tallest in hopes of everyone getting a chance to kill the Ghast.  The last thing I wanted was for the first child up to smash it to shreds, when in all actuality it was almost impossible to "kill".  We could have recoreded this for a moving box comercial.  These things are invincible! 

But it did FINALLY break.

We then came back inside for cake and Creeper Juice (sprite).  We also had water and juice but I did not do anything cute with them. 
For his cake, he really wanted the cake from in the game.  It is all square and pixilated like everything else in Minecraft

but it made a really simple and cute cake.  Safeway did a great job recreating the main part of the cake and then I added the red squares with edible Sugar Sheets I bought at Walmart. 

He also wanted torches for his candles but he just got candles. 

 He huffed

and puffed
and huffed

and puffed!  And blew the candles out. 

After everyone's sugar high, we moved into the living room to open presents.  I still have no idea who gave him what or what he even got for that matter because it was a huddled frenzied of hyped up 7 year olds on minecraft crack.  They couldn't get close enough and at one point I swear all 12 of them had their hands in the mix.  It's amazing no one got hurt. 

Even Max pushed his way in to see all the excitement. 

My plan was for Bo to open his gifts from the family AFTER the party but that wasn't happening.  He wanted them NOW.  This is his stack from me and Daddy.  They are wrapped in Minecraft diamond paper (got extra "cool mom" points for that).

We gave him a metallic blue wireless xbox controller, a green bay packers poster, and 2 fly wheels.  He was happy, as was Max.  (Love how excited he gets for everyone else) 

And then we kicked everyone outside to run off the cake, creeper juice and 10 lbs of pinata candy. 

It was a great party.  All of the kids were super well behaved and seemed to have a blast.  Our house on the other hand looked like a Minecraft bomb exploded . . . 

but it was worth it!  Happy Birthday Bo Bo!